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To prepare for any competitive examinations, it is very important to read and learn the current affairs, because to take any government job, the current affair has to be read because in all the exams questions are asked from the current affairs like UPSC, Bank , SSC, RRB etc. Therefore every candidate is demanding that what is happening in India and worldwide Current Affairs is an integral part of the similar awareness section of these exams related to current affairs and events of international importance like Civil Services Examination, Bank Changes in the pattern of examinations in the context of competitive exams like exams etc. as well as questions related to current events and news have played a major role in decision making. There are two types of types, one part is your static and the other is dynamic. One part is related to the syllabus of UPSC syllabus or other syllabus of examinations which does not change like the revolt of 1857, physical and economic of India. Features, etc. All of this like Dynamic part is related to Current Affairs. The best bet to cover current affairs are reliable sources like Daily Newspaper and Press Information Bureau and Planning magazine. Central to success in any competitive examinations. Current affairs includes topics like history, geography, economy, environment. Candidates should keep updated on current affairs that make headlines at national as well as international levels. In fact, recent trends. It turns out that there is significant overlap in the static and dynamic parts of the current affairs course. Initially traditionally stationary parts of the course are also significantly more likely to face unexpected questions from current affairs, so I hope all of you guys That whatever current affairs will come, I will collect all these things from you, so that all of you people do not have to work too hard and all of you people will have all the current affairs at once. Get what you read and understand immediately


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