If we look at the entire world with one sight, then we will know that this whole world is one and the people here have created different countries and some companies and organizations are run by the people of this country and the company which owns their country Apart from the business in other countries, they have been given the status of Multinational Company, but here we must understand that companies which are multinational What process would he have reached the point of this multinational so that our next generation could know how he would build a multinational company.

Any new founder and inter-understanding should be understood if you want to run your business in a country other than your own country, then you have to seek permission from the government of that country to get permission from the government. Only after that you will be able to sell your belongings in that country and at the same time you should pay attention to the country in which you are running your parent company. Even the government of that country loves you to do this work. No business can do any work without the permission of your country and your home country government, so that any business here has a very good point here It has to be understood that he has to get permission from both the countries. The country in which the company is painted, what is the register and the second has to talk to the country’s government. Business wants.

If someone wants to send an offer to the government of his home country and wants to co-ordinate with the government of another country, then he has to match his term and condition score of the government’s tension condition, which means that any business can run when it is run Follow the rules and regulations of the government and come into the realm of the business business plan, therefore every business owner must have his goods Stick to switch to the individuals sold for any reason, even by mistake, so you do not damage any of the people of any country  arrived not touch the government why should the market with all its products and services.

Any founder and company manager should answer very big questions in such a way that any company that they want to do a strike in any other country or are saving their company to run in another country or Then selling their products and services in another country, they have to take care of one of the biggest things. People of that country should follow any country in which they want to sell their products and services. There should not be any type of effect, keeping in mind all these things, you have to obey the law of the country in which you are selling your product, then you can only sell your product and service in that country as well. The business owner should also get permission from the government of that country for his product and service, what items he wants to sell and how he wants to sell them so that in future, he will face any kind of problems. Do not face it as well as the biggest thing is that if you make your company famous in that country If you want to sell your product and service to the people there more and more, then you will also have to promote your company in this country and so that you can reach the people of the country and about your product and service. You can tell the people of the country that your product services will use the personality of any country when they know about you as well as they will know about you as well as your fame that you have sent a good product. I have given good support to the customer as well as you will set up things like customer support in that country, you will hire the people there and after hiring the people there, you will trend those people so that that person there So that you can help the people in the right way so that if there is any problem of your product and any type of problem in it, then your technical team can solve any problems of that product from any customer and your product for a long time. Can use till.

There can be many ways for any company to sell its goods in another country, either you will send your product and service directly to a country or you will go with the government of that country with the big companies of that country. Or you can send your goods by nectar by calling with the people of that country. Collaboration is a way that individuals would get a chance to proceed with their goods through collaboration. Today many companies are multinational companies in small countries. The Government is making a lot of things with the collaboration with the governments like Road Construction Infrastructure Development, for all these things, today the government is also working with the big companies along with the coalition, in such a way that the companies benefit when the companies When someone works with big companies or with them in other countries, then big companies paste the money with the money that they have made, in any country, more profit is less than that.

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