Achieving the set goals of the institution:-Establishment of each institution is done to achieve some or all objectives. The fulfillment of the goals is on the manager's work in the date of receipt of these goals of the manager and the business. The scheme helps to achieve the objectives set by the control and coordination. Provide the institution's objectives to teach the objectives taught in the institution .

How to get the maximum results with minimal effort:-Managing is the art and science through which it is possible to achieve maximum results with minimal efforts. The management effort is always to produce maximum production using the minimum human and physical institution.

How to set up coordination in different resources of production:-Efficient managerial production can be achieved by efficient selection arrangement of various types of materials such as land liquor and raw materials and coordination, thus manipulating and coordinating the forces that assist the production managers in coordination with them. The essence is that efficient managers work hard on their own in different resources of production Areas that could all benefit.

How to take advantage of modern scientific and technological inventions:-Scientific and technological advancement has not stopped touching any area of ​​life today. The area of ​​business and industry also has not been able to save itself from the effects of scientific progress and technological changes. Scientific advancement and technical inventions in the field of production have developed in the methods of production. Today the hand tools are replaced by automatic equipment for people who have changed The problem of unemployment has given rise to the entry of engineer components in the field of business and industry has begun to prove the old management systems inappropriate. Traffic accounting; Scientific and technological changes in the area also start to give rise to the problem of control and coordination. So that all the workers are sitting like this, so these scientific and technological changes Leverage and value management approach to meet the pace of business and industry with their growing days.


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