If you have given your decision to make your own website then it is very important to know about web hosting because often people think that to build their own website but to build a website, a hostel is needed and it needs to be well-informed. That's why today we have to make the website, we have to work on it, without doing the job, the website can not be successful. It is important to have a knowledge of the website. It is very important to have some things to create a website. First thing is the first thing and the second is if you are also one and you do not know what the website is, then I will inform you about the website here. What is your daughter's work in the simplest terms and how many types of it are.

Web hosting provides the service to place all the websites on the Internet, because of this, any one person or website of the organization can be accessed through the internet all over the world. I mean that the file image of your website is from a video special computer It keeps the web server saying that the computer comes from the internet, so do lots of things to store in Alwar. Let us rent them as we pay rent to live in the house of an execution, in the same way we also hire web servers when we create our website, we only want that we share our knowledge and information with the people So for that we have to first upload my file on web hosting, after doing this, whenever any Internet users have their own Web browser, Google Firefox, etc. When you type domain names, your dormant opens and then the Internet connects your domain name to that web server where the file of your website has already been stored and after adding all the information on the website When the computer reaches the computer then why there are users from there to fast according to their needs and accept it to add the domain name to the hosting It is used to indicate which city your website is located in.

How many types of web hosting are:-

Shared web Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Dedicated Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting

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