GATE CSEIT Computer Science/B. tech and Gate Computer Science Notes/MicroProcessors.pdf

Microprocessor notes are available here. A microprocessor is a control unit of a micro-computer, built on a small chip capable of performing ALU (Arithmetic Logical Unit) operations and communicating with other devices connected to it. Students can read these notes for exam preparation. These notes have been created after a thorough research by a subject expert and are written in simple language for easy understanding of the students. Microprocessor consists of an ALU, register array and a control unit. The ALU performs arithmetic and logical operations on the data received from the memory or input device. The register array consists of registers identified by letters such as B, C, D, E, H, L and the accumulator. The control unit controls the flow of data and instructions within the computer. These notes on Microprocessor will serve the purpose and they are very useful for B. Tech exams as well as competitive exams


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