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English grammar is the grammar of the English language. Grammar tells us the rules about how to speak and write in the language. English grammar started on the basis of Old English in which a German language is considered. English grammar is the way in which the meaning in English language Words are coded in this. It includes the structure of word phrases, clauses, sentences and entire texts. Grammar which is the system of a language. People sometimes describe grammar as the rule of a language but in fact in any language Doesn't happen if we use the word rule. We suggest that someone first formulated the rules and then started speaking the language like a new game, but languages ​​didn't start like this. Languages ​​are initiated by people who make sounds that develop into words, phrases and sentences. Usually spoken language is not fixed. All languages ​​change over time with what we call grammar. Language is a reflection of the language, in today's time, English grammar has become very important because if all of us go to other state or other country, then the English language is spoken there, so we should learn to speak in English so that So that all of us can express our words anywhere and understand what the people before us are saying, so in today's time, learning English language has become very important, so all of you should also learn English language. If all of you want to learn to speak English well then all of you read this PDF thoroughly and you will be taught everything in this PDF that you have to learn how to speak in English from beginning to end.


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