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HERE’s the new, 18th Edition of the widely accepted textbook on Indian Economy for undergraduate students (BA and BCom Hons.) incorporating the latest recommended readings.

The book provides a comprehensive coverage of Indian economy under five sections:

  • I. basic issues in economic development: institutional framework and policy regimes;
  • II. growth and distributional issues: poverty, inequality and employment;
  • III. current perspectives in Indian agriculture: growth, productivity, constraints and pricing;
  • IV. industry and services sector;
  • V. financial sector and the external sector.

The author Dr. Uma Kapila has specially designed this book based on the latest original readings recommended for the undergraduate courses, some of these being available in her edited books: Indian Economy Since Independence, 28th Edition (2017-18), Indian Econo-mic Development Since 1947 (2016-17 Edition) and Indian Economy: Economic Development and Policy (2016 Edition).

In the present volume, author has made an effort to keep the language simple without compromising the effectiveness of the argument or diluting the analyses. The book also carries a comprehensive Glossary.

Apart from undergraduate students, the book is widely used by students preparing for the IAS and other competitive examinations.

If you are a college student or an IAS aspirant looking for the best reference book on Indian economy, then Uma Kapila’s Indian Economy Book PDF is the one for you. This latest edition of the book is a comprehensive guide to the Indian economy, covering topics from economic policies to issues of poverty, unemployment, and inflation. Uma Kapila, a renowned economist and academician, has provided a vast array of information in this book, making it an indispensable resource for all those who wish to understand the intricacies of the Indian economy.

The book is not only informative but also engaging, with real-life examples and case studies that make the concepts easy to understand. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in economics, this book is sure to provide you with valuable insights and knowledge that will help you excel in your exams and professional life. So, get your hands on Uma Kapila’s Indian Economy Book PDF today and take the first step towards a successful career in economics!

The 23rd edition of the Indian Economy textbook has been released for undergraduate students studying BA/BCom/Hons courses. The latest recommended readings have been included in this version. The book covers Indian economy in five sections, including basic issues in economic development, growth and distributional issues, current perspectives in Indian agriculture, industry and services sector, and the financial sector and external sector. It provides a comprehensive understanding of these topics.

Indian Economy Performance and Policies - Uma Kapila

Dr. Uma Kapila has created this book specifically for undergraduate courses, using the latest recommended readings, some of which are included in her previously edited books such as “Indian Economy Since Independence” (33rd Edition, 2022-23), “Indian Economic Development Since 1947” (2016-17 Edition), and “Indian Economy: Economic Development and Policy” (4th Edition, 2022).

The language in this volume has been simplified without compromising the argument’s effectiveness or diluting the analyses. The book also features a comprehensive Glossary and is widely used by students preparing for competitive exams like the IAS.

Book Details:-

Book Name: Indian Economy Performance & Policies
Author/Publisher: Uma Kapila
Language: English
No of Pages: 645 Pages
File Type: PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size: 8.46 MB

Indian Economy Since Independence – Uma Kapil

The 25th edition of Uma Kapila’s popular book on the Indian economy has received high praise. It includes a current and comprehensive selection of essays by prominent economists in the country, as well as valuable contributions from the editor herself. This book is highly recommended for anyone studying the Indian economy, regardless of age or experience level, according to Shankar Acharya, who served as the Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India from 1993 to 2001.

Indian Economy Since Independence - Uma Kapila

In 1988, the first edition of this book was published with the initial purpose of serving as a textbook for University of Delhi students. After reading the book, economist and institution builder Prof. VKRV Rao wrote a letter to editor Uma Kapila, congratulating her for the unique and pioneering nature of the book. He wished the book success and hoped that it would be used by Economics Honours students not only at University of Delhi, but also at other universities.

Dr. Uma Kapila’s Indian Economy since Independence has been a popular reference book for university students, civil service aspirants, and anyone interested in a comprehensive source of information and analysis on the Indian economy. This book has been updated annually for 25 years and features contributions from a team of scholars. Dr. Kapila, a retired economics professor from Miranda House, University of Delhi, has been teaching Indian economy to undergraduates for over four decades. She is currently the Editorial Director for Academic Foundation.

Book Details:-

Book Name: Indian Economy Since Independence
Author/Publisher: Uma Kapila
Language: English
No of Pages: 1054 Pages

Candidates looking to get this book can either buy this book online from Amazon or there is also a free pdf version available online. But we would suggest you get this book from the online market only as free editions are old and outdated editions.

There are the latest editions of Indian Economy by Uma Kapila available on Amazon that is based as per the latest exam pattern and syllabus followed in competitive exams.

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