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In this article, I will be delving upon the importance of UPSC CSE Mains and share few tips which might help you perform (score) well in the examination.

Importance of CSE Mains:

UPSC CSE cycle comprises of 3 stages – Prelims, Mains and Personality Test. Out of these 3 stages, Mains is the most critical phase.
On one hand, we have Prelims and Personality Test (PT). Prelims is merely a screening test where you only need to clear the cutoff. Your marks do not affect your final rank. Whereas PT is a 35-40 minute affair that is highly subjective and the marks vary a lot. Also, it’s final weightage is just 14% (275/2025) in the final result.

On the other hand, Mains gives you an appropriate platform to showcase the knowledge you have gained. Even if your answer is not up to the mark, it is still evaluated. You can ask any aspirant, most of them, irrespective of whether they cleared the exam or not, will agree that Mains has some sort of certainty where marks are proportional to the efforts. You are neither rejected merely based on some 100 questions from multiple topics (without any certainty of marks distribution), nor judged by a single conversation with experienced people having individual subjective perceptions. It is the Mains which gets your name into the list (PT is just the rank and service decider).


Kanishak Kataria Notes

  • DropBox Link to the notes
  • Google Drive Link

Kanishak Kataria Books List:

In his own words: Many people have asked me about my booklist. It’s more or less similar to my friend Prudhvitej’s booklist (AIR 24 UPSC 2017) – replace all classnotes with Vajiram classnotes.


  • The given booklist is neither exhaustive nor sufficient for qualification in prelims.
  • Much of it was constrained by my optional.
  • Depending on own level of comfort, students should refer to the books.
  • I DID NOT copy any other topper’s booklist.
  • I just got a basic understanding and then read what I felt most comfortable with.
  • Each topic was also updated through Test series reverse learning – Vajiram and Vision – both available online.
  • Internet was also used to improve the collected information.
  • All class-notes are from Vajiram classes made by myself and NOT COPIED.
  • Vision PT 365s were referred for all the topics, specially Environment and Science and Technology.


Ancient History:
  • Jain Sir class notes
  • Only few chapters from NCERT (couldn’t remember much)
  • Test series reverse learning
  • Medieval: No bandwidth to prepare. Only relied on test series trivia.
Modern History
  • Parmar Sir class notes
  • Spectrum (selective reading)
Art and Culture:
  • Vajiram class notes + test series.
  • No bandwidth to read any book.

Indian Polity

  • NCERT: Indian Constitution at Work
  • Vajiram Classnotes -Ravindran Sir, Abhey Sir, Abhilash Sir, Gautam Sir
  • Laxmikanth


  • NCERTs – XI, XII
  • Vajiram classnotes -Shivarpit Sir, Manocha Sir, Amit Sir
  • Self Map work
  • Rajtanil lectures – Only Physical Geography
  • Internet – pmfias


  • NCERT – XII Macroeconomics
  • Vajiram classnotes -Vibhas Sir, Samyak Sir, Kapuria Sir, Sanghi Sir
  • Sriram booklet (not end to end but topic wise)
  • Economic Survey – Part II
  • Internet – Investopedia, Arthapedia, Vikaspedia etc.


  • Vajiram classnotes -Bindu Ma’am for Biotech, Binoy Sir for Space Tech + Nanotech,Rahul Sir for everything else
  • Internet reading


  • NCERT Biology XII – last 4 chapters
  • Vaishali Ma’am class notes
  • Self notes using Unacademy, Internet
  • Shankar Book- selected chapters (didn’t like the book that much)

Current Affairs

  • Daily newspaper without fail
  • IYB: only class notes from Vajiram
  • PT 365s
  • Internet
  • No time for Magazines and Monthly compilations


  • Newspapers + Vision PTs

Kanishak Kataria AIR 1 Answer sheets PDF

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