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A computer network is a group of computers that uses a set of common communication protocols over network nodes or over digital interconnects for the purpose of sharing the provided resources. It is an important subject for a candidate doing B. Tech Computer Network Subject. Computer network can also be defined as a group of computers and other devices that are connected in some way to exchange data for each network. The device is treated as a node and each node has a unique address. Addresses are numerical quantities that are easy for computers but not for humans because some networks also provide names that can be easily named instead of human numbers. Remember that this computer network is very interesting for B. Tech Computer Students because it is run in the subject B. Tech course. If all of you want a computer network note, then all of you must read this PDF on this computer. This is the network that can bring the best number of students to their exam. This material is very good material. It will give a lot of benefit to the students of the computer network or to give a great test in your exam. Serves as a major study material


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