After many years of hard work, scientists  found that a person who has mental illness or has mental disability such as he can not think or he does not have the ability to think he can not do things. And if he can not express goodwill towards any of the things, then why can not science be found in such a person that there is such a problem with that person Whose gender Directly India and Australia Student IT Directly Linked tow the mental illness.

Human mind is a very important lesson, it is very important to understand it and to understand the mind of the human, which is far more important than understanding it, it was found by years of hard work and research that the person’s weakness With whose help the solve can be almost different.

We see over time that mental illness is increasing. Due to increasing mental illness, many people are not able to live their life properly, the reason for this is that the pressure increases day by day in the minds of individuals. -Different types of pressure is being generated or a person generates a new type of pressure in their mind from the group, be it a student or else every person in a business is facing some kind of problem and The biggest reason for this is the competition. In the era of competition, every person is competing to get ahead of each other. He wants that one should be ahead of the others in the same way that business also needs to move ahead of each other. At the time e-business or their products and specials can be sold more than others, for all the things that are of greatest importance, how you will send any product or service or how you will be able to sell those products and services. For all things, all of you guys should take care of one thing A or Yoga and Pranayama. If there are things that are becoming internationally famous today, along with every yoga and pranayama, one should eat pure and clean food to keep their mentally body healthy. They should do yoga and pranayama for 1 hour in the morning every day. Should be done in a manner, if possible through a yoga guru.

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