As we all know, daily diseases are increasing day by day, whereas the doctor falls short of one number for all these sick people, it means that we need some robotic doctor who treats people like doctors Can do their surgery and can successfully find out the diseases of the persons and write their medication. All these things have been completed today. Robots are so intelligent. It has been done that he is able to read the people’s genes and know the diseases in the future, and what things they need or which medicine to take if the robot can tell but still make the robot more It is believed that in the coming time it may be possible to remember because the robot will not even be able to remember a book. This means that if we are people Give teach the right way will we get a better that we need.

Robots: A welcome addition to the regular medical staff

Robotics and AI are removing the human constraints and physical limitations on surgery and placement of innovative medicines.

U believe it is like a robot can treat how someone treats it but it is the truth that a robot can treat a sick man just like a doctor, the cost of a doctor’s surgery has become very high today. She charges millions of rupees for doing a surgery, but the same robot will make that surgery in thousand rupees only, if a robot becomes a doctor, then how easily and how much work Will be possible also in lower prices due to these things, we believe we are robots and intelligent.

Could a robot replace your doctor in the near future?

Of course, machines will not always get it right. But like autopilots in aircraft, and the driver less cars that are just around the corner, medical robots do not need to be perfect, they just have to be better than humans. – Medical Experts.

Will there be a need for such a doctor in the future which will be a robot. Yes, it is desperately needed only then we will be able to treat the diseases properly if we have to free the disease of the disease, which disease can be in the future, With the help of a doctor, you will find it very easy to solve a companion with a robot can remember a lot of books at once and maybe even get better medication. And someone can write better medicine for a human but with both the doctor add, then we will get a super doctor, a Super Doctor means that the robot robot will first name the medicine name that drug name And in this way we will get the name of the drug that will treat someone very easily and the human will be cured.

As we all know that the way in which new diseases are taking place every day, it is a difficult task to make every doctor aware of new diseases. The doctor can not properly learn diseases. It can definitely be said Knowing that every doctor is aware of new diseases is going to be very difficult to know about his illness, but if all the robots of all of us are in a class Then add the field network will also talk about all the people will themselves to a robot doctor learn world.

Surgical Robots: A boon to surgeons

In many times there is a mistake by human in the surgery but if the work is same and the repetition of the work is frequent then that work of the human will be replaced by the Robot for more accuracy.

Challenges and future prospects

Overall, barring easing the burden for scientific personnel and enhancing productivity, clinical robots will additionally assist surgeons to operate non-invasive surgeries. However, scientific robots are very costly in present day form. Training personnel to work with robots is no longer an handy task. Robots nevertheless take time to reply to a clinician’s instructions. However, robust lookup in a number tutorial establishments and startups are predicted to furnish revolutionary options to these challenges.

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