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Science and Technology is one of the important topics covered in Civil Services Examination.A lot of questions revolving around this topic are asked in both UPSC Prelims and Mains.This article to help the candidates to prepare for the IAS Exam, they should be given Science And along with the PDF of UPSC Notes on Technology, Science and Technology is a very big part of the UPSC Mans Syllabus, as well as Science subjects like Botany, Chemistry and Biology are optional subjects in IAS Mains Examination Scientific. Topics are considered to be highly beneficial for high scoring, yet they often pose a challenge for an IAS aspirant as it is very difficult for students to make notes that balance both subject and dynamic subject issues in the news. These articles have been written for UPSC 2021 on very important issues for science and technology so that all you UPSC preparing students can get a benefit.


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