MADE EASY NOTES: GATE Handwritten Classroom Notes Computer Science & IT

For all students who are preparing for GATE Computer Science and need notes for preparation of GATE, Complete GATE Notes are being effected for all students. This note is Made Easy Notes by  Class Room Student. You can read it by yourself and prepare for the gate.

This note provided by me will help all of you to understand the subject of computer science and will also help you get more number in your GATE exam. This note was prepared by the class students of Made Easy when it prepared the notes. At that time, Made Easy Notes were prepared by the students of Medi G itself, so all of you people should strengthen your subject of GATE Engineering by reading IT Notes and with the help of GATE Computer Science Notes, you can get your GATE Computer Science Let’s try to understand the subject and in a good way, or in the notes, all of you guys tried to explain the subject of computer science in a good way, as well as this gate note based on the latest pattern and syllabus of the gate. Has been provided.

MADE EASY NOTES: [PDF] Made Easy, Delhi: GATE Handwritten Classroom Notes Computer Science & IT


Computer Organisation


Network Security 


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