In today's world, when the whole world has gone global, wow trade here gives birth to a new thought as we all know that China's trading has become very big in the world today with a lot of China's The sale is being sold in America in general, it is also being sold by a hawker, there is a proposal for America to apply some charge on the trade so that the goods of China Should be sold less in Rica and China is struggling to sell goods in the US, but does it follow the rules of World Trade Organizations, we have to think very deeply whether this is the new thinking and new path of America, What will be the change of language, whether it is a small section of the country, whether these things will apply for them or it will remain for larger countries. Thinking about all these things, we feel that today In time, maybe it should change a new thinking and we should move forward, though every country has its own acting, every president wants to save his country, even then things are understandable, but even then it is correct It should be sorted out so that it does not have to face any difficulties in the whole world. Today even in the middle of the US there is a reason for this, so that the economy of the whole world. Pricing will prove to be a boon for the whole world. Today, where it has happened on its own, it has also happened on our point of view that no country would like to forgive each other in front of each other, then a new person has become a new man. Not from ammunition but man is from a trading in which the import and export of the farmer is included, therefore, this war need to be eradicated and to eliminate this war both the government will take a new step in order to proceed the world and reach a new dimension.
We also have to think about why a great deal of trading is happening today, importing a lot of things has become an important thing in today's time. There are many things that are found in one country but not found in other countries. Many other people in the other country have a dire need of that thing, to make them live, they have to face a lot of difficulties, because of this, due to this reason, in today's time Trading has become a huge cause and will continue to be in the future and in our history there is also a new history of trading, so we can not eliminate it, giving it a new dimension. The new boon will prove to be the way in which the war against the United States and China is wounded today, perhaps it is necessary to think more deeply in this regard and not to interfere in any other country. Switch to the need to innovate.

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