Medieval India: From Sultanat To The Mughals 1526-1748 PDF Download

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The present work brings to completion the author’s work From Sultanat to the Mughals, a volume devoted to the Delhi Sultanat having been published earlier. Tracing the rise and fall of the Mughal empire upto 1761, an attempt has been made to probe the basis on which the Mughals mobilized support for themselves and the nature of the polity they evolved.

The societal, economic, political, administrative and ideological challenges faced by an essentially liberal polity and the role of Aurangzeb have been carefully analyzed. The author contends that if a regional balance of power based on states with different social structure had been stabilised, some parts of India could under favourable circumstances, have moved in the direction of capitalism.


Medieval India: From Sultanat To The Mughals 1526-1748 PDF Download

Content of the book

  • Introduction
  • The advent of Muslims in India
  • The rise of the Ghaznavides
  • The fall of the Ghaznavides
  • The conquest of Hindustan and the rise of the slaves
  • The extension and consolidation of slave rule
  • Balban and his successors
  • The rise and growth of Khilji militarism
  • A period of reaction and the foundation of the Tughluq dynasty
  • Muhammad Tughluq, the Ill-Starred idealist
  • Firuz Tughluq 1351-88 A.D.
  • The later Tughluqs and Timur’s invasion
  • Disintegration- the rise of smaller principalities
  • Disintegration – the Bahmani kingdom
  • Disintegration – the empire of Vijayanagar
  • An era of weak kings
  • The fast Afghan empire- its rise and fall
  • Civilization of the early middle ages

Medieval History By Satish Chandra Book PDF

Medieval India is the period that covers a long period of the history of India. It is also known as Medieval Indian history. It is the time frame between the ancient and modern periods of India. Medieval Indian history indicates the time frame between the end Gupta Empire, which was in the 6th century AD, and the beginning of the Mughal Empire, which was in 1526.

Many historical events took place in the medieval period of India. The entire medieval period of India is divided into different periods of years. If we compare India’s ancient and medieval history, there are a lot of differences. Many people have different definitions of medieval India, depending on their perspectives.

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