Can An Average Student Crack UPSC – Success Story Tips

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Can An Average Student Crack UPSC – Success Story Tips

Undeniably, the UPSC exam is among the most challenging exams held in the country, and only a handful make the final cut. Hence, many UPSC aspirants are doubtful about their chances of acing the test.

Many UPSC aspirants question whether an average student can crack civil service exams at the back of their mind. The solution to the above query is a simple “yes”. There have been many instances where the candidate, who was considered average, has made the final cut and become successful civil service servants like Rukmani Rair, Ajay Prakash, etc.

Does Academic Performance Overshadows the Selection Process?

When it comes to UPSC preparation, aspiring candidates should understand that there is no correlation between UPSC preparation and past academic marks. The UPSC exam is a competitive exam, and if the candidate is determined to succeed, nothing can stop them from achieving success.

Every candidate possesses a special quality that is uniquely individual that can help them stand out from the crowd. Marks can only act as a gate pass to enter qualifying for the UPSC exam.

However, candidates must also understand that success at the UPSC exam is an accumulation of several factors like rigorous practice, hard work, determination and a little bit of luck.

Qualities That Can Help Determine Success at UPSC Exam

Right attitude

Having the right and positive attitude is a must for achieving success in any given field. Therefore, having the right mindset is crucial to achieving success at the UPSC exam. UPSC aspirants that are not afraid to work hard have more chances to clear the exam. However, students who put in consistently long study hours have a higher chance of achieving success at the UPSC exam.

Candidates who do not get bored or agitated by studying exhaustive and lengthy topics, materials and resources can guarantee a good score on the UPSC exam. Self-belief and a never give- up attitude is an asset for the candidate who wishes to become an IAS officer.


No amount of hard work can be of any use without a good study plan for UPSC preparation. A strategy is a vital tool that can be instrumental for candidate success and performance at the UPSC exam. A mindful framework for UPSC preparation includes using updated study materials, solving mock test papers, practising past question papers, reading daily newspapers, etc. regularly.

Learning new techniques and tricks for remembering vital topics and subjects can be a difference between success and failure in the final UPSC exam. Understanding one’s weaknesses and strengths to formulate a strategy is a vital part of UPSC preparation.

Hard Work and Determination

There aren’t any shortcuts to success, as the proverb says. To become a successful Civil Servant, one has to put in tons of hard work and tedious hours to ace the UPSC exam. Hard work can help conquer even the toughest exam if the candidate put sincere effort and time into the UPSC preparation.

Religiously following the study plan and practising the syllabus with determination, even an average student can ace the UPSC exam.

Developing Personal Skills

The UPSC exam requires candidates to possess several personal and interpersonal skills to become successful IAS officers. Candidates possessing good communication and interpersonal skills can convey their thoughts and opinions easily to other people and make good leaders in their field, hence a desirable quality for civil servants.

Having an analytical mind and giving creative solutions to different problems are desirable qualities in future IAS officers. Therefore, developing these skills through reading, listening and following newspapers and successful leaders can help candidates to become successful in the UPSC exam.


If a candidate is serious about acing the UPSC exam, then they should not worry about their past academic results. Instead, they should put all their focus and energy into preparing for the UPSC exam.

The UPSC exam has nothing to do with the candidate’s past academic record. The final selection of the qualifying candidate is based on their ability and dedication towards achieving their goal of becoming a civil servant.

A successful UPSC candidate can only become an officer if they possess a hunger to become a civil servant. An average student can also clear the exam without carrying the baggage of past academic results.

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