Dr. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (C.V Raman) Biography

C. V. Raman

Born – 7 November 1888

Died-21 November 1970

Significantly, the first Asian Sir CV Raman K .. Raman Effect, awarded with the Nobel Prize in Science, helped to understand the intrinsic molecular structure of substances. As a result, the composition of more than 2000 substances was known in just ten years.

Sir CV Raman, the inventor of the Raman-effect, was born in Tiruchirappalli in South India. The father was a physics teacher in the college. He wanted to send his meritorious son Chandrashekhar Venkataraman to study abroad after matriculating at the age of 12, but he advised not to be sent out without the help of a doctor who was healthy, so Raman in his own voice, Presidency College, Madras From BA in 1904 and then MA in 1907 Mana. He passed the Civil Service Examination in 1907 and became Deputy Director General in the Finance Department of the British Government in Kolkata. There he started conducting scientific tests in the laboratory of the Indian Council of Sciences of Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee and Sir Gurdas Banerjee. He was transferred first to Rangoon and then to Nagpur. Later he reached Kolkata by being Accountant General. As soon as Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee, Sir Taraknath Palit and Dr. Rasbihari Bose established the Science College there, the patriot Raman left the government job and took up the Physics Department. Sir Raman did research work on subjects like light, x-rays, magnetism, crystals. He also conducted research on musicologists as to why the melodious sound comes out of the veena, violin or mridang. In 1921, he went to Oxford to attend the Congress of Universities by sea. This journey changed the direction of his life. They were wondering why the color of the Mediterranean Sea is blue, while the Bay of Bengal is green. Just on deck, he began intensive testing with the equipment, which continued until the discovery of the Raman effect. They have a lot of things. Discovered the reasons why molecules disperse light. He outlined the changes in the passage of light through transparent means. He found that when light rays from the Mercury arc pass through the spectra and fall on the spectrograph, new lines are found in its spectrum. He announced the Raman influence at a seminar in Bangalore on 16 March 1928, on which he received the Nobel Prize in 1930.

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